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2010 -

Christianity in Evolution
Catholic sexual abuse in Denmark
The Nature of Miracles
Theology of evolution
Investigation of sexual abuse

VERO, a web based magazine by Danish Catholics on faith, life and values, presents selected articles in English:

Investigation of sexual abuse in the Danish Catholic Church

After two years of investigation, a 252 page report on the cases of sexual abuse in the Danish Catholic Church from 1890 to date has been released.

Christianity in Evolution – an exploration

A courageous book by professor Jack Mahoney explores the whole of evolution into the context of a universe created by God.

Pedophile scandals in the Danish catholic church

Even the very small Catholic communities of the Scandinavian countries have experienced a domestic crisis caused by revelations of sexual abuse perpetrated by clergy.

The Nature of Miracles

Weeping madonnas and Medjugorje apparitions may seem to stimulate faith in the short run, but in a longer perspective such phenomena will undermine perception of the natural world as an objective reality pointing its significance at our Creator.

Theology of Evolution and the necessity of suffering

Rather than presupposing a conflict between faith and reason, it might be rewarding to assume that the scientific study of nature may direct us to its creator. Combining our present understanding of how creation is unfolding through natural evolution with our faith in Jesus Christ as the incarnation of God brings new insights into the redemption of nature and the problem of  evil.



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